Step by Step Approach to regenerative landscapes that provide sustainability

Choose to tackle this list one at a time or have all 5 done at once for a complete Master plan.


Step 1

Convert existing lawn into a meadow ~ decrease unneeded water usage and toxic fertilizers. Choose plants that attract native bees, butterflies and moths. Use grasses that mingle with the wind and create movement while providing nesting material and sites for local fauna.

Step 2

Merge with surrounding forest ~ Transition outdoor living spaces with indigenous shrubs and perennials where there once was, or is, invasive species. Design paths into the forest, blending with and borrowing the environment and stillness it provides.



Step 3

Add water features ~ Catch rain water to reuse in the garden, or design a natural pond … then wait…the frogs and salamanders will come! This is the best “pest” overpopulation solution. Create a fire circle for gathering and bask in the
Full Moon energy.

Step 4

Become part of the permaculture movement ~ forage for food in your back yard by adding an edible forest; include fruit and nut trees. Create guilds of companion plants. Scent the air with herbs, and add perennial vegetables for the kitchen’s palette of meal choices.



Step 5

Interact with nature ~ Provide places to sit, reflect, enjoy other’s company and BE with all that exists in a beautifully balanced and healthy landscape.

BE in Relationship with nature ~

experience its splendor!

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