Align with the innate flow of the natural world


of Natural Habitat and Pollinator Pathways

ecoDesigns specializes in and is dedicated to the preservation of ecologically sound garden scapes and meadows. We provide garden designs that transform outdoor living spaces into dynamic and inviting habitat for local fauna and pollinators.  These intentionally diverse sanctuaries allow our friends to find nourishment and shelter, and, simultaneously, expands our relationship to them.

 Our soul connectedness is nourished

Preservation of ecologically sound garden scapes and meadows



deanna’s unique down to earth style and approach to design is organic, intuitive and represents stewardship. She taps into the Genius Loci, or muse of the land, and creates a harmoniously yet thoughtful scape whether an inspired meadow where there once was lawn, or a re-merging into the forest that exists around the property. Plants chosen are ecotypic to the original forest that existed on the land historically. This creates a “Right place, Right plant” relationship
that ensures success and sustainability.

deanna also uses a permaculture approach and designs using guilds, or groups of compatible plants that work together in harmony.  Edibles and the fundamental elements of

earth, fire, air, water and space

are weaved into the design which creates and establishes
a basic sense of essence to the outdoor space.

The wild blue lupin has become scarce in our New England environment where it once flourished ~

Blue Karner Butterfly Female

The blue Karner butterfly uses only this plant as a host for it’s caterpillar. Using this and other “at risk” plants represents deanna’s desire to restore natural habitat and ecosystems.



ecoDesigns consults with clients in a collaborative way to understand desires, keeping in mind our intention to restore ecosystems in the back yard. Together we bring a consciousness of how to best
EXPERIENCE outdoor living spaces.

Choose from a Master plan ~ best for a full design and drawn to scale, or a more simple sketch which can include general bubble drawings. Both come with a detailed plant list that includes plant attributes ~ time of flower, fragrance, edible berries, autumn color, and whether it is a host plant.

A digital photo gallery is available upon request.

All designs are artistically and colorfully hand drawn.




Echinacea both and Rudbeckia field